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Sustainability that Connect the Dots

Monitoring…Evaluation…Reporting | Risk…Responsibility…Reputation

Your one-stop creative partner for the sustainability
framework you need to progress and share what you do with clarity and confidence


Helping you value your performance.

Whether a public or private sector organization, you don’t have to struggle with sustainability performance anymore. With Next Level Sustainability frameworks and analysis, you can finally feel confident with…

  • Program level monitoring, evaluation & reporting
  • Corporate sustainability strategy and goals
  • Sharing your Corporate Sustainability Report with others
  • Progressing leading edge initiatives on the circular economy or green growth
  • Addressing the priorities that matter

A one-stop sustainability focus with
your own dedicated creative partner.

Hello, I’m Robert Gale

In the course of my career I’ve tackled many different sustainability, organizational development and human resource issues. I’ve worked for, and with, public and private sector organizations, big and small, facilitating learning on various sustainability topics. One of my great achievements has been teaching corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting to thousands of MBA students and MA/MSC students in environmental management. I know the topic, have implemented strategies, managed people, and dealt with skepticism. I want to help you.

With an abiding passion for sustainability, I work with you on your information, your narrative, to create everything you need to achieve your goals.

Do you want to improve your corporate sustainability report?

No problem: I can show you how best to gather information required to conduct your sustainability reporting process, including your stakeholder engagement process for the identification of material issues and governance matters to be addressed so that you can manage risks, demonstrate responsibility and manage your reputation.

Do you want to evaluate or program or project?
I can discuss with you the steps involved in independent, systematic, cost effective appraisal of sustainability, environment or natural resource management program or projects.

Circular economy or other new initiatives?
I can show you how to appraise information relevant to your own specific needs for policy, strategy or communication purposes.

Climate Change Adaption
I can show you how to use the available information to make informed decisions on climate risks requiring adaptation responses.

And here’s my plan to make it easier
to demonstrate your sustainability commitments …


1 Schedule a complimentary consultation with me

2 I’ll compile a custom plan to address your sustainability concern

3 Depending on the plan, and as your creative partner, I’ll work with you on sustainability issues and do any required training

4 From stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment and performance improvement to climate risk responses or program evaluation, you will have everything you need to demonstrate your sustainability commitment.


The Next Level Sustainability Guarantee

From Principal, Robert Gale

You’re busy. There are many competing pressures.
Your time and investment need to be valued. As
a Next Level Sustainability client, you can always expect

  • You’ll learn how to clarify the sustainability concern you want to address
  • You’ll receive compelling materials from me
  • You’ll be listened to and your questions answered
  • You’ll know the plan every step of the way
  • You’ll know that I understand the organisational challenges of marshaling resources and securing cooperation
  • You’ll know that I’ll be in your corner to progress your work

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainable development is a theory of development about how to maintain and enhance the natural environmental base on which economic and social livelihoods depend. Our approach is to investigate and advise on the development pathways that lead to sustainability, defined as the socioeconomic and governance behaviour required to avoid counter-productive environmental and natural resource management problems.