We advise on climate change adaptation planning and the development of change management strategies given climate change risks. Adapting means responding to changing circumstances. As a strategic decision, adaptation can be applied to considerations other than the impacts of climate change. This might include adapting to environmental change such as resource or biodiversity depletion, pollution, or other environmental impacts which drive socio-economic change.


What we do

  • assess current climate change information and the gap between the latest scientific reports and actual decisions or decision making processes on adaptation in a specific locale
  • advise on the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility (NCCARF) CoastAdapt Climate Change Adaptation Decision Support (C-CADS) tool
  • advise on cost-effective measures to build climate resilience into adaptation plans, strategies, processes and activities
  • undertake socio-economic resilience studies of climate change adaptation and NRM investment
  • conduct monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (MER) studies on climate change adaptation initiatives (policy implementation) and NRM investment (e.g., NSW study)
  • Promote consultative processes for community deliberation.