A SPECIALIST CONSULTANCY in sustainable development and pathways to sustainability…including the Circular Economy, Economic Incentives & Design, Sustainability Accounting, Triple Bottom Line Reporting, and OECD/EU initiatives on green growth & green budgets

A PROGRAM EVALUATION CONSULTANCY…with expertise in Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting (MER)

A GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE (GRI) TRAINING PARTNER in the process of certification and after completion of the certification process will offer the GRI Certified Training Program

A COASTADAPT PRACTITIONER National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) – working with local councils on climate change adaptation preparedness

A DEVELOPER OF TRAINING, COMMUNICATION AND LEARNING MATERIALS for public and private sector organisations.



BSc(Hons), MSc, MPA, PhD, GAICD

Sustainability Economics, Science & Management  

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BAppSc, MSc, MLead

Consultant, Communication and Change Management

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BEd, GradDipBusSys, MBus(IT), MEval

Consultant, Evaluation & Monitoring Frameworks

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Providing value through sustainability science, economics and management


We advise on economic, social, and governance solutions to environmental impact problems by assisting managers and decision makers on how to:

  • Integrate economic, social and environmental factors into decision making and report on outcomes;
  • Engage in sustainable economy, circular economy and green growth development;
  • Report on corporate sustainability performance through application of the Global Reporting Initiatives’ Sustainability Standards;
  • Link environment-economy interactions and environmental asset trends in national, regional and local economies;
  • Link environment-society interactions and social issue trends in national, regional and local economies; and
  • Take climate change risk and impact scenarios into account in business or public policy decisions.

We do this through consultation, data analysis, evidence based research, change management, and training and workshops.

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainable development is a theory of development about how to maintain and enhance the natural environmental base on which economic and social livelihoods depend. Our approach is to investigate and advise on the development pathways that lead to sustainability, defined as the socioeconomic and governance behaviour required to avoid counter-productive environmental and natural resource management problems.

Sustainability pathways require:

  • A sustainable economy / green growth model
  • Governments to develop public policies with better and more targeted incentives and regulations
  • Businesses to implement strategies to eliminate unnecessary risks, costs and liabilities, and
  • Stakeholders to advocate for change and change management.