Why I started a green economy consultancy

Sustainability is not a buzzword

BSI Circular Economy Guide

Over the last 30 years the business discourse on environmental problems has evolved from single-issue approaches to environmental management to multi-faceted approaches to sustainable development.

GeoTrends Economics & Sustainability adds value to public policy initiatives by analysing data, information and reporting on trends and leading practices.

We advise on climate change adaptation planning and the development of change management strategies given climate change risks. Adapting means responding to changing circumstances.

Whether you are in the public, private, or not-for-profit sector, developing sustainability strategies and making sustainability decisions can be challenging.

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Are we on a sustainable path? Not without considerable changes aimed at decoupling a range of environmental pressures from economic growth, so as to ensure that continued economic growth does not result in further environmental destruction. The interaction between economic growth and the natural environment that supports it lies at the core of sustainable development.

OECD, 2001

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainable development is a theory of development about how to maintain and enhance the natural environmental base on which economic and social livelihoods depend. Our approach is to investigate and advise on the development pathways that lead to sustainability, defined as the socioeconomic and governance behaviour required to avoid counter-productive environmental and natural resource management problems.